Setup WDS Server

Installing Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

Configure WDS Server

Specify path for hosting WDS images (e.g D:\RemoteInstallWDS)

Start WDS service manually after adding images.

Adding Install Image to WDS Server

Give an image group name

Locate Install.wim from installation media

Select the images you wish to deploy to WDS

Adding Boot Image to WDS Server

Locate boot.wim from installation media

Give image name and description

Start Windows Deployment Services (services.msc)


Scenario 1 ( WDS on DHCP server)

Check “Do not listen on DHCP ports”
Check “Configure DHCP options to indicate that this is also a PXE server”

Requires on Server Options 060 PXEClient only.

Scenario 2 ( WDS and DHCP on separate servers)

DHCP server Option 60 is not required

Add PXE server IP address to the list of IP addresses that get the dhcp broadcasts. In Cisco context,  add the address of the PXE server to “ip-helper” addresses on routers or layer 3 device.

Requires 066 Boot ServerHost Name
Requires 067 Bootfile Name

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