Setup DHCP Server role on 2012 R2

  • Install DHCP Server role

  • Launch DHCP Manager

  • Add/Remove Bindings

  • Confirm you have static address that will issue client IP addresses

  • Ipv4 > New Scope

  • Next to Start new Scope Wizard

  • Give a good Scope name & description for easy troubleshooting in future

  • Enter Start & End IP address

  • Enter the exclusion

  • Limit Lease Duration to 8 days

  • Yes to configure DHCP options now

  • Enter default gateway address

  • IP address of servers responsible for handing local DNS

  • I dont have WINS server

  • Activate Scope now

  • Restart DHCP server service


Configure DHCP Failover on Windows Server

DHCP console > Scope > Configure Failover >

Select desired scopes for failover configuration


Verify Failover configuration




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