Setup DFS in Windows Server

Install DFS Namespace & DFS Replication roles on both servers

Launch DFS Management (dfsmgmt.msc)

Namespace > Right click > New Namespace > Enter Namespace server name (my first AD)


Specify desired Namespace for UNC path

Select Domain-based namespace

Namespaces > Select your Namespace server > New Folder >

Name a folder and Add targets

Yes to create a replication group.

Select the Primary member (with data)


Troubleshooting DFS

dfsdiag /?
dfsdiag /TestDCs
dfsdiag /TestDFSConfig /DFSRoot:\\\Namespace

dfsrdiag /?
dfsrdiag ReplicationState


Event Viewer under DFS Replication

Increase quota size or location of staging folder

Dfsmgmt.msc > Replication > Namespace > Properties > Staging > Quota (in megabytes) : > 32000

Use below command to get recommended quota size

(Get-ChildItem <replicatedfolderpath> -recurse –force | Sort-Object length -descending | select-object -first 32 | measure-object -property length -sum).sum /1gb


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