Remove dead domain controller

Cleaning up metadata via Active Directory Users and Computers

  1. Active Directory Users and Computers > Domain Controllers > select the dead server

  2. Right click and Delete

  3. Click Yes to confirm

Cleaning up the DC server instance from the Active Directory Sites and Services

  1. Active Directory Sites and Services > Sites > Servers > select dead server

  2. Click Yes to confirm delete

Clean up metadata using ntdsutil

  1. Launch Command Prompt cmd as Administrator and launch ntdsutil

  2.  Type metadata cleanup

  3.  Type remove selected server <servername>

  4. In warning window click yes to proceed
  5. Execute quit command twice

Check replication health

  1. CMD > Repadmin /replsummary
    Healthy example

    Unhealthy example

  2. Repadmin /Queue

  3. Repadmin /Showrepl

  4. Repadmin /syncall
    (May cause some network congestion for large network)
  5. Repadmin /KCC
    (By default KCC runs in the background every 15 minutes to check if new connection is established between DCs or not)
  6. Repadmin /replicate TargetDC SourceDC
    (starts replication immediately)

Check with another DC

dcdiag /s:DC2
dcdiag /fix

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