Install the following for dev.

  1. (Node itself)
  2. (Node Version manager)
    NVM is not supported on Windows so download below:

Test installation

node -v
npm -v
nvm -v

Start your project

mkdir first_project
cd first_project
npm init

#To re-download dependencies if required
npm install
npm update

#install packages
npm install --save express
npm install chalk
npm install debug
npm install morgan
npm install mysql

#install template engines
npm install pug
npm install ejs

npm uninstall -g eslint


npm i --save-dev nodemon


#Add "devStart" to package.json 
 "scripts": {
   "test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1",
"devStart": "nodemon server.js"


Works well without this.

DEBUG=app node app.js

come back later

Install bootstrap using npm

npm install bootstrap jquery

Start app

npm start



npm install sequelize –save


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