Backup Cisco running-config via SSH

Copy running config

R#copy running-config scp:\\

Address or name of remote host []?

Destination username [kim]? kim

Destination filename [\\]? R.txt

Writing MOLR.txt


Sink: C0644 3655 MOLR.txt

3655 bytes copied in 8.548 secs (428 bytes/sec)

Config file will be stored at user’s home directory 


Other methods of copying running-config

MOLR#copy running-config ?
archive: Copy to archive: file system
flash: Copy to flash: file system
ftp: Copy to ftp: file system
http: Copy to http: file system
https: Copy to https: file system
idconf Load an IDConf configuration file
null: Copy to null: file system
nvram: Copy to nvram: file system
rcp: Copy to rcp: file system
running-config Update (merge with) current system configuration
scp: Copy to scp: file system
startup-config Copy to startup configuration
syslog: Copy to syslog: file system
system: Copy to system: file system
tftp: Copy to tftp: file system
tmpsys: Copy to tmpsys: file system
usbflash0: Copy to usbflash0: file system
xmodem: Copy to xmodem: file system
ymodem: Copy to ymodem: file system

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