Apply Cisco license

Apply license

Router# copy tftp flash:

Address or name of remote host [ ]?

Source filename [ ]? uck9_license.lic

Destination filename [uck9_license.lic]?

Accessing tftp://…

Loading uck9_license.lic from (via GigabitEthernet0/1.192): !

[OK – 1161 bytes]

1161 bytes copied in 0.059 secs (19678 bytes/sec)


Router# license install flash:uck9_license.lic
Installing licenses from “flash:uck9_license.lic”
1/1 licenses were successfully installed
0/1 licenses were existing licenses
0/1 licenses were failed to install

Router# reload


Verify new changes

Router# show license feature

Router# show license UDI

Router# show version

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