Find Bitlocker recovery key
Study for 350-401
Common WireShark filters
tryhackme first attempt
OSCP day 3
Kali setup for the first time
Grep MAC and IP address using Regular expression
Configure HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on Apache2
Tips and tricks to tail -f /var/log/apache2/access.log
View and delete mail queue on Ubuntu server
Common Palo Alto firewall commands for troubleshooting
Fortigate CLI wan interface
fail2ban on Ubuntu
Django app deployment on Ubuntu
NTP for Windows server
Django HelloWorld with PyCharm
phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04
LAMP on Ubuntu 18.04
Django app development
Python basics
Python sorted()
Pycharm keyboard shortcuts
Set your own custom venv Python Path
Ubuntu Python Flask
Tshoot 300-135 (Infrastructure service) Policy-based routing and VRF
Tshoot 300-135 (Infrastructure service) NAT
Tshoot 300-135 (Infrastructure service) First Hope Redundancy Protocols
Tshoot 300-135 (BGP & GRE)
Tshoot 300-135 (Routing IPv6 OSPF)
Tshoot 300-135 (Routing IPv6 EIGRP)
Tshoot 300-135 (Routing OSPF)
Tshoot 300-135 (Routing EIGRP)
TShoot 300-135 (Layer2)
Palo Alto firewall commands
Cisco common debug/troubleshooting commands
CCNP 300-101 Route (Security)
CCNP 300-101 Route (Path Control)
CCNP 300-101 Route (LAB)
CCNP 300-101 Route (EIGRP)
Remove dead domain controller
Zabbix server on Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 18.04 server administration
Cisco IPSec VPN (site-to-site)
CCNP 300-101 Route (OSPF)
Windows DNS server Round Robin and Netmask Ordering
Testing BTC Lightning node on Ubuntu 16.04
CCNP 300-115 Switch study (commands to use on lab questions)
CCNP 300-115 Switch study Part 2/2
CCNP 300-115 Switch study Part 1/2
Customise GPO
Common Cisco file management commands
How to upgrade Cisco switch IOS
Common Cisco commands and settings
Common Windows Server administrative tasks
Format to smaller size (32GB) FAT32 with diskpart
Reset local administrator password for Windows Server 2016
Powershell integration with office 365 for AirWatch
AirWatch troubleshooting
HTTP Redirect from Domain Controller
Google search tips
Troubleshooting Domain Controller
disable unnecessary services
Troubleshooting GPO
Setup DFS in Windows Server
Fix slow right click on Windows 10
My Default Domain Policy (GPOs)
Adding desktop shortcuts using Group Policy Preferences
Setup WDS Server
Troubleshooting DNS Server 2012
Setup DHCP Server role on 2012 R2
Setup Remote Access role (DirectAccess and VPN) on Server 2012
Setup Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for remote management
Settings to disable in Windows 10
Auto attach VirtualDisk on Storage Pool after reboot on Windows Server 2016
Set up SMTP Relay for Office 365 with Windows Server 2008 R2
Export key in .pfx format
Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from IIS7 and deploy cert
How to delete OEM partition with diskpart
Cisco troubleshooting commands
My WordPress setting
Windows Server 2012 (70-411)
StrongSwan IPsec VPN with pre shared key and certificates
Dial in IPSEC (Site to Site) VPN on Ubuntu 16.04 with StrongSwan
GitHub commands
Google oAuth with socialite in Laravel 5.3
WordPress on Ubuntu Server
Let’s Encrypt free ssl
How to use vim editor
Understanding bootstrap
My first project on Laravel with Cards and Notes
Laravel multiple submit button with different actions
How to install Laravel in Ubuntu 16.04
css tips and tricks
Setup commercial SSL Certificate by generating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and Private Key
Setup Self-Signed SSL Certificate for Apache running on Ubuntu
Password protect with .htaccess & .htpasswd
Add domain user/group to local administrator group on user computers using GPO
MSSQL Server maintenance
Windows common shell commands
Backup Cisco running-config via SSH
Windows 10 troubleshooting with PowerShell
Apply Cisco license
Configure clock time on Cisco device
Server 2012 R2 Powershell
Join Active Directory domain using SSSD on Ubuntu 14.04
My /boot partition is 100% full
Setup iSCSI target and initiator on Ubuntu 14.04
Common port number by service
Setup NFS server and client on Ubuntu 14.04
Managing Windows with keyboard shortcuts, commands and MMC
Connect using PPPOE connection on Ubuntu 14.04
Enable file sharing across different subnets on Windows 7 firewall
ddclient for dynamic DNS on Ubuntu 14.04
Site to site IPsec VPN behind NAT with Openswan on Ubuntu 14.04
Site to site IPsec VPN using Openswan RSA key pair on Ubuntu 14.04
Site to site IPsec VPN using Openswan shared secret password on Ubuntu 14.04
xRDP with xfce4 for remote desktop on Ubuntu 14.04
Check your HDD for bad sectors with badblocks
Adding static route on Ubuntu router
VRRP router on ubuntu 14.04 for redundancy with wan interface tracking
VRRP router on ubuntu 14.04 for redundancy
iptables setup on Ubuntu
90-updates-available exited with return code 255
Change php.ini to increase duration of session
Burn ISO to USB drive
Identify blocking query and kill blocking_session_id in mssql server
Format conversion
Office 365 exchange server management commands
Connecting to Office 365 and enabling mailbox archive
How to setup ssl vpn server on Ubuntu server 14.04
Convert your old laptop into wireless access point using Ubuntu 14.04
fail2ban for Ubuntu Server 14.04
Prevent Ubuntu Server from sleeping when the Lid is closed
Basic iptables commands and examples
Penetration testing with tcpdump and nmap
Setting up home router on Ubuntu
tcpdump examples
nmap scanning
Replace router with iptables
Healthy Cisco router config with VLAN, DHCP, NAT, SSH, Port Forwarding
How to add swap on ubuntu server
Tips & tricks for nano on terminal
SSH login without password
SSH tunneling for forwarding, Reverse and Dynamic
The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed
Setup ZFS on Ubuntu server 14.04
Removing PDF restrictions using qPDF
Setup Cisco router on a stick
Multiple Gateway of last resort for backup internet connection on Cisco router
Quick steps to configure a Cisco router, up and running in no time!
Stop annoying message of “Translating..domain server” when wrong command is entered on Cisco
Configure SSH on cisco router or switch
How to wipe the configuration on your Cisco router
How to reset cisco router password
How to set telnet password on Cisco router and switches
Set port security and enable auto recovery after violation
How to configure WebDAV on Ubuntu 14.04
How to configure Cisco AP via console
How to remove etherchannel setup on Cisco switch
Find Cisco interface port number with interface description text
HTML header
How to change default apache2 listening port 80
Use adduser instead of useradd for adding new users on terminal and change home-directory
How to revive a dead DNS server running on the last standing domain controller after seizing all other DCs
Setting an external time source for your domain controller
Seize fsmo when primary domain controller is dead
How to fix featured article order in Joomla 3
Automate your task or rsync backup using crontab
Test your php mail function
Xenserver management command line
Show all processes and their status on terminal CLI
How to customize fail2ban email triggered messages on Plesk parallels 12.0.18
How to find a folder’s owner and group on terminal
Fix php date.timezone error on Plesk Parallel
Copy a file from server A to server B with scp command
How to clone a drive using dd command on terminal
How to mount USB drive on terminal
Setup HA load balancer with Haproxy and Keepalived on Ubuntu server 14.04
Recursively change group & ownership to www-data and give write access
How to setup load balancer with haproxy on Ubuntu server 14.04
How to install desktop on server version of Ubuntu and remote with XRDP
Tips & Tricks of VLC Player
How to run scripts on start up
How to backup using rsync to local and remote server
Force a port to run duplex full 1000 on Cisco switch
How to setup samba file server
Create a backup on linux using tar.gz
How to find files last modified yesterday recursively on terminal
How to check version of your linux server
How to mount password protected windows shared folder in ubuntu
Setup virtualhost for hosting multiple domains
How to upgrade your kernel to the latest distribution
How to restart or shutdown your Ubuntu server remotely
What is DNS server IP address for Singapore ISP teleco
How to show disabled port interfaces on Cisco switch with port-security enabled
PHP tips and shortcuts
How to setup subdomain on Ubuntu Server 14.04
How to enable ssh for root on Ubuntu 14.04
Install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 14.04 server
How to install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on Ubuntu 14.04
Find filename recursively on terminal
How to change hostname for Ubuntu server
How to assign static IP address and bridging for ubuntu server
How to change mirrors in Ubuntu server from regional to main (source.list)
How to fix slow php email on Joomla
Backup and restore mysql database using mysqldump
Chmod Chown recursively
Recursively Zip a directory on Linux
How to enable Joomla extension manager
Make backup script with robocopy for Windows
Check disk usage on Linux system or Ubuntu
How to backup files using tar
grep string recursively and return line number